Its Check File System function can scan through your hard drive and fix all errors detected. It is not as complicated and time-consuming as running CHKDSK in Command Prompt. And it is simpler to operate with its intuitive interface. Now that you have successfully recovered your important files and other data, you can format the hard drive. You must perform full/normal/low-level format on the hard drive to fix the issue. Windows 10 has a powerful shell called PowerShell that can be used to check and repair the drive errors using the Repair-Volume command.

  • You’ll need a blank USB flash drive with at least 5GB of space.
  • On the upcoming lines, we will discuss some solutions that could help you to Fix Error 0xc000000e in Windows 10.
  • If you have trouble logging into an account or face issues when booting Windows then you can use startup repair to fix the same.
  • The ECC error was detected in the DIMM module located in channel 1, slot 0.

High temperature or heating more tips here of CPU due to the fault in fans or emission of sounds from hardware can result in a hard disk crash. Make sure to keep sufficient cooling and ventilation for the CPU or hard disk. The CHKDSK tool finds errors and fixes them automatically but will ask for permission if the error is complex and if there is a need to delete or change something critical.

[Solved]Error 0xc000000e after installing Mint

Another cause for a corrupt event log file is when a problem occurs with the hard disk drive that contains the event log. To resolve this problem, repair or replace the hard disk drive if required. In particular, some Intel chipsets use Intel Trusted Execution Technology to lock ECC injection. Intel TXT, using secure hardware modules, verifies the integrity of the BIOS, firmware, OS and hypervisor in order to guarantee a trusted operating environment. As a result, this requires preventing access to specific memory controller registers from being compromised, including ECC injection registers. MemTest86 directly polls ECC errors logged in the chipset/memory controller registers and displays it to the user on-screen.

Therefore, you should back up your files before using the scan and fix option. If you’ve already lost files, you can try recovering them using data recovery software. Data recovery tools specialize in the recovery of data from almost any situation, including recovery from RAW partitions. Scanning and repairing regularly get stuck when the PC is attempting to boot. It very well may be brought about by the PC being inaccurately closed down, or the hard drive may have bad sectors or numerous different reasons. A few Windows 10 users have detailed that the Windows scanning and repairing cycle stuck for minutes or even hours.

Right click on the driver and choose “Update Driver”. Type devmgmt.msc to open the Device Manager and click OK. You will see a list of drivers installed in your system. The update error 0x c may be due to viruses that already exist in your operating system. These hinders the progress of your update so it is recommended to eliminate the threat. Running the update troubleshooter will help you determine what is wrong with the current update.

Use the Disk Checking Utility in File Explorer

But that still puzzles me, because I’ve seen this with two processors. I’d just figured the first proc had OC issues. Could the motherboard have defective power regulation on the uncore power plane?

Furthermore, when sometimes they power on PC, they receive the «scanning and repairing drive stuck» message. If you get the scanning and repairing drive blunder on your Windows 10, relax, you can fix it with the techniques in this guide. When you run into some problems on your computer, the first step to fix it is by restarting the PC. You may get the “repairing disk errors” message if your boot disk is unable to boot the computer due to some possible errors.

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