More importantly, as a platform, SharePoint can force tags onto content as business users upload them to collaboration spaces. They can also make end users provide metadata about documents as part of this process. Even though some “duties” and features have transitioned away from SharePoint over the years, it is still a great content management system left with its primary and most robust features I described above.

The association can be changed whenever you like, meaning that making changes to the organizational structure will be as simple as adjusting a setting in the admin center. Plan & construct unique solutions with SharePoint hub sites. Only internal users—those at a particular organization—can access SharePoint as part of their Microsoft license.

What is a SharePoint site

We are the only company in the industry that offers a results-based guarantee. That’s how confident we are that you’ll benefit from switching to SharePoint for project management. Because of the navigation abilities of cross-site collections that have been lacking in previous SharePoint versions, we believe hub sites can be most valuable in an intranet scenario. Require end users to complete SharePoint Site Owner training before they can create their own site.


Very important, Communication sites ARE NOTlinked to Teams/Planner/Outlook, like Office 365 Group sites. I provide a detailed description of Communication Sites in this post. Think of this as a project or department team site where team collaboration takes place. For this sort of site, you want to use an Office 365 Group Site template.

Visualize technology adoption, employee engagement, and collaboration security. Get to know your users, their favorite content, and more. Monitor sharing and permissions so you can track usage and secure Microsoft 365 adoption and ROI.

You would access those templates via Other Options we did above. Again, users can create Communication Site from SharePoint Home Page, just like an Office 365 Group above. You are looking to roll up data from across multiple sites.

What is a SharePoint site

For example, SharePoint 2003, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2019. We also now have SharePoint Online, which refers to SharePoint which is part of Office 365 . Of course, one person could fill all of those roles – like in a small coffee shop where the person behind the counter takes your order, tells you to sit anywhere, and then butters and brings you your bagel. This only works if the place isn’t flooded with customers, though, as that one person would get overwhelmed quickly. Your farm servers work the same way, where a single server can play all the roles, or you can spread the roles out across multiple servers for better performance.

Streamlined Experience Across Mobile and Desktop

Control collaboration on your most confidential projects in our virtual data room. When you’re working on high-stakes projects, normal data protections are not enough. So how can you enable internal and external teams to collaborate securely? SharePoint sites are essentially containers for information. The way you store and organize things in SharePoint is by Sites. Think of them as separate rooms in a house, with each site/room serving specific purpose or catering to specific audience.

Built upon SharePoint Standard, Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise features can be unlocked by providing an additional license key. Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external links, and by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view. Once SharePoint became available in the cloud as part of Office 365, it was rebranded to SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online has no versions and has been called the same since its marriage to Office 365 in 2012. Since it is now part of the cloud, Microsoft constantly makes changes and updates to it without you even knowing about this. These are only a few examples decisionmakers, admins and end users can be thrilled about and why they will love the next SharePoint on-premises version.

  • Users can easily create communication sites for themselves from SharePoint Home without needing to contact IT.
  • We do not know of any limit to the number of times you can nest a site, but it is unlikely you will ever need to create subsites more than a few layers deep.
  • I updated Acrobat Reader DC. There is no policy in place to disable SharePoint.
  • If you used the SharePoint 2016 data loss prevention and Compliance Center features, you were immediately confronted with a gap between what you saw in Office 365 and what you had in your environment.
  • Site collections share common properties , common subscriptions to service applications, and can be configured with unique host names.
  • They can also make end users provide metadata about documents as part of this process.

We used the Tasks Web part in SharePoint for task management and synchronization with MS Project for years. However, that was always clunky and technical and had various limitations. As a result, task management is now performed by Planner and Project for the Web applications. By the way, for the review of the task management options, please check out this how to create a sharepoint site article. Even though SharePoint became available in the cloud in 2012, the SharePoint application is still available in the on-premises version (SharePoint 2019 being the latest on-premises version). The number of those on-premises installations becomes less frequent as years go by due to the many cost and productivity benefits available in the cloud.

One important thing to remember is that the page is not a method to limit security to content – it is literally just means to display and organize that content on the site and present it to the end user. Example below shows a multi-site intranet example, with homepage + various department and other sites accessible via navigation. When asked for ‘my sharepoint account’ I enter my company e-mail address, then I browse to the SharePoint doc library I wish to add and copy/paste that URL into the URL field. By default, subsites are not visible in BackupAssist 365 until you click the “Find subsites” button to discover them. After doing this, you can back up your SharePoint subsites’ Document Libraries using BackupAssist 365.

Having difficulty aligning your total license costs with business units, departments, or regions? Cloud Backup Solution for Microsoft 365, Salesforce®, Dynamics 365, and Google Workspace The leading solution to combat ransomware attacks, user errors or permission fiascos and ensure business resiliency. AvePoint’s at your service You’ve got Microsoft Teams—we’ve got the tools, workshops and best practices to ensure your journey to—and through—Teams is smooth and hassle-free.

Web parts and app parts

However, this requires the removal of Sandbox Solutions to align developers with any future-focused SharePoint Framework. Previously, an admin might build or deploy a code-based solution into SharePoint. Organizations frequently use SharePoint to publish company-wide information such as HR documents, announcements and memos. Better insights and control for your Microsoft cloud licenses Microsoft licensing causing confusion?

Stay up to date on how our strategies help organizations be more efficient and reach their goals. Fill out the form on this page to keep up with BrainStorm. Because when it comes to SharePoint users, change is everything. Once the relevant info or files have been moved, consider deleting the site. Instead of relying exclusively on other employees to train your new hires, get your department’s tribal knowledge out of your employees’ heads and into a universal repository. A SharePoint communication site is the perfect place to document your processes, especially those that change a lot.

Microsoft 365 and the SharePoint Collaboration Platform

As I look at all the blog posts I have written in the last several years, I realize that this is should have been one of my first posts. What are SharePoint Sites, Pages and Web Parts – is usually one of the first questions I get by those who are new to SharePoint. That said, for those who are struggling to understand how SharePoint is structured, this article will hopefully explain everything and answer your questions.

What is a SharePoint site

The reason why you would create a separate site collection is more of an exception than the norm and some of the reasons for it are documented below. Each site collection contains a single top-level site and subsites below it. You can search all sites from the hub search bar in the navigation bar. Roll out your vastly-improved method of managing projects and documents. Training users to maximize adoption and enjoy the benefits. If you’re trying to customize SharePoint hubs or SharePoint online hubs to meet your organization’s unique needs, HingePoint can help.

Sites vs Site Collections in SharePoint

From there you can easily publish to the web, iOS, Android, and Windows 10. There are also some cool new communication tools, like the Team News and Communication sites. Communication sites are a place to share news, showcase a story, or broadcast a message to other people. Users can easily create communication sites for themselves from SharePoint Home without needing to contact IT. The Microsoft Cloud version of SharePoint, SharePoint Online, has many additional integration capabilities with other cloud applications. It is paired in functionality with many of the other offerings Microsoft packages with an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 license.

What are SharePoint Subsites, and how do you back them up?

SharePoint Home Site is a site that you manually designate as a formal MAIN site. It is a way to authorize and label the site for the benefit of other users so they can “trust” the content from this site. Another type of site you can create from the SharePoint Admin Center is a classic site (to be precise, there are a few classic site templates that fall into this grouping/category, not one). In all honesty, I hardly can come up with the use case for them in modern SharePoint. Unless, of course, you smoked weed last night and mentally are traveling back to 2013.

Unless you want to administer SharePoint on a full-time basis, just stay with 1 site collection. SharePoint Site is a website that contains different SharePoint Web Parts like Document Library, Calendar, Task List, etc. SharePoint sites can have 1 or more pages to display content to the user. Find a SharePoint expert who will customize SharePoint to meet your needs and that can integrate it into your other business systems. We’ll work with your key stakeholders to create and/or integrate solutions that achieve your business goals. Marriott Architecture & Construction goes mobile with SharePoint for field construction documents on iPads, potentially saving 100’s of hours per hotel construction project with a15X ROI.

Do we still need a Communication Site in SharePoint?

SharePoint has been integral in the past 17 years in increasing working efficiency in fortune 500 companies as an “Intranet” platform that crosses all business sectors. SharePoint & Microsoft Office 365 Data Management Software & Services for your Agency Empower your agency to transform to the cloud and modern collaboration. Our data management solutions enable governance and compliance with the latest standards and regulations, without the extra IT overhead. With over 15 years of experience, we have done over 50 project management systems and have helped automate large portfolios of projects . The structure of the SharePoint platform enables multiple WAs to exist on a single farm.

This capability is often used to replace an existing corporate file server, and is typically coupled with an enterprise content management policy. When it comes to using a hybrid solution with SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server 2019 makes the integration between the two systems even more seamless. Flow and PowerApps empower end users to discover and implement customizations as they need them, whereas previously they needed to submit a ticket and wait for the customization to be coded. For example, with Flow and PowerApps you can build an Expense Approval using a point-and-click app design that leverages modern lists and libraries within SharePoint.

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